I just wanted to send an email out to you and Thank your team for getting our air fixed so quickly. Our A/C went out yesterday

afternoon and a tech was able to come out that afternoon and fix it. We are so grateful, I have major health issues that are affected by the heat. Even waiting a day would have been horrible. Thanks to Katie in the office for getting a hold of the owner of our house and putting up with me calling her again and again. Thanks to Tom Wuorio for coming out and being so quick to find the problem and fix it. Our house is back to normal now and we are happy customers. I know these people get paid to do a job, but sometimes you find business that employee great people that would go above and beyond what they are paid. I think these two did.


I’m compelled to tell you that I feel very fortunate to have

discovered your company. The multi-point inspection program that you have implemented is very comprehensive and makes good sense. The service technician that came to my house was so professional and courteous. He explained the preventive maintenance program to my satisfaction and in no way pressured me. I felt that he truly had integrity.. The courtesy and professionalism of the whole crew was greatly appreciated.


I was referred to your company by a friend. I want to commend

your service tech for my first encounter with your company being so pleasurable. He was prompt, clean, thorough and communicated effectively throughout my inspection. I appreciate the time spent informing me of the reason for my cooling issues. I will certainly recommend you to others.


After debating a new air conditioner unit in order to comply with the time frame to get the rebates and looking closely at a

13.5, and a 15, I choose the 14 seer 3 ton heat pump as it nearer matched my budget and my needs. I was replacing a 10 seer 4 ton air condition for my small house of 950 to 1050 square feet. A 4 ton did not seem to be needed for this size of a house. The new heat pump was purchased and installed a few days later. Less than a month passed and we were hit by a major storm that included hail the size of golf balls and bigger. The entire roof was damages, three skylights broken out, and damage done to the louvers and pipes of the heat pump, plus a few dents in the top of the unit. My insurance adjuster told me that I must call the company to fix the heat pump since it was so new. When I checked the paperwork on the new heat pump I noticed that a 13.5 seer heat pump was installed and not the 14 seer listed on my original order. I contacted A&R and Heat customer service. They determined that I thought that I had bought a 14 seer unit but the model number on the order was for a 13.5, so a 13.5 seer unit was delivered and installed. The 13.5 seer unit does not qualify for a rebate, although I did not know how that at the time that I was exchanging my older unit for a newer one. The installation manager of A&R Air and Heat came out and said that they would replace the 13.5 seer for a 14 seer and would take care of the paper work necessary for the rebates. He measured my house, the windows, the window screens, and skylights and a day later called me to tell me that my house must have a 4 ton unit in order to cool it efficiently during the hottest months of our Phoenix weather. The 4 ton unit was necessary because of the skylights. Precision Air and Heat would replace the 3.5 seer 3 ton unit for a 14 seer 4 ton unit, created a bigger air duct return, and the required thermostat needed to get the APS rebate. I firmly believe that the “14 seer, 13.5 seer” error was a one of a kind error that was not the fault of anyone. The salesperson and I talked for an hour or more about the differences in a seer numbers and prices of the various models available. The sales person made numerous calls to another person who looked up model numbers and prices while we tried to get the 14 seer price to within my budget and to a price comparable to an estimate that I had received from another company. A&R Air and Heating quickly took care of and accepted the loss for an unfortunate mistake and replaced the 13.5 4 ton unit for a 14 seer 4 ton unit as no extra cost to me. Everyone that I had contact with, the sale representative, the installers, the managers, customer service, and even crane operators were professional, courteous, and knowledgeable. Thank you!

—Bobbie Peachey

Just wanted to let you know what a great experience

I recently had with your company. Mike came out and put together a quote for me….knowledgeable and personable. Ron and his crew did the installation and follow up….once again knowledgeable, professional, clean, detailed oriented and I loved the “booties” for in the house! Steve came out to check several issues I had….polite, concerned and offered solutions. And certainly an important part of any company, the women who answer your phones….always polite, friendly and also knowledgeable of what was happening with my job. If you continue to support and reward your “team” you most assuredly will have much success.


Hopefully you remember me but you met with my wife

(Susan) and I last Thursday and we purchased an a/c unit from Precision which was installed this past Tuesday. First, even though it cost us money, both Susan and I were very impressed with your professionalism and honesty which is rare to find these days. Secondly, the techs that installed our unit were terrific, professional, and willing to answer my many questions. Thanks much – please let your team know how impressed we are with you, the installation crew, and the overall professional and honest attitude that appears within the Precision organization.