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Sometimes, you can end up with too much of a good thing. Energy conservation has been a leading issue in building construction since the turn of the century. Industry practices have gradually been transformed by continuing advances in construction science and improvements in the accuracy of testing equipment. While perimeter tightness and duct sealing have helped significantly lower energy consumption, homes without adequate filtration and air exchange allow pollutants to accumulate and create an unhealthy indoor environment.

Numerous scientific studies have established a clear link between substandard indoor air quality (IAQ) and chronic respiratory disease. In fact, the EPA estimates that the air inside an average home can be up to 20 times more polluted than the air outdoors.

While new homes are especially vulnerable, older office buildings and homes are also susceptible to IAQ issues. In the past, air distribution systems were often improperly designed and poorly installed due to a lack of good standards. Gaps and breeches in connections and the duct itself can create negative pressure leaks, which draw dirt, dust, fiberglass and other debris directly into the living area.

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A&R Heating and Air recognizes that your family’s health is the highest priority. We work with our customers to identify indoor air quality problems and develop strategies to ensure the air in your home is free of pollutants and other contaminants. Our specialists can give you tips and information about products that will boost your IAQ.

  • Mechanical Ventilators: Ventilation devices draw a prescribed amount of fresh air into the living area based on ASHRAE Standard 62.2. Properly designed ventilation systems exhaust accumulated irritants and are calibrated to reach a balance between dilution and energy savings. Some models include an energy recovery feature that conditions the incoming air by transferring thermal energy during the exchange process.
  • Filtration: Central air purifiers clean the air by trapping and removing particulate matter as the HVAC system cycles. A filter’s efficiency is identified by its Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV), which is a calculation of the size and quantity of particulate matter the filter can capture over a given period. Filters are offered in a wide array of efficiencies from disposable fiberglass to HEPA quality cabinets, which can trap particles as small as .03 microns.
  • UV Eradication: Fungi, mold and other biological organisms thrive in moist, wet environments with abundant nutrients. Condensation and accumulated grime are readily available at the evaporator coil in an air conditioning system. Ultra violet lamps designed for HVAC applications are extremely effective at killing a variety of biological contaminants when placed inside the A-coil. UV will eradicate black mold colonies and prohibit their future growth.
  • Duct Cleaning: We recommend regular duct cleaning to help remove dirt, grime and other impurities from the interior of the ductwork and vital heating and air conditioning components. A specially designed vacuum is used to dislodge and extract dirt and other contaminants, and an environmentally safe biocide is applied to prevent the future growth of harmful organisms. Regular duct cleaning, about every 3-5 years, can help improve system performance and extend the service life of the equipment.
  • Humidification: Air humidifiers are an important element in a complete IAQ strategy. Excessively dry air will allow microscopic irritants to stay airborne where they can be easily transferred from room to room. A central humidifier will help maintain healthy levels of indoor moisture, which can reduce respiratory ailments and alleviate certain skin conditions.

Comprehensive Indoor Air Quality Services

At A&R Heating and Air, we understand that a comfortable and energy efficient home must also be clean and healthy. We invite you to contact one of our friendly specialists to learn more about the numerous IAQ services and products we offer for both commercial and residential applications.