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Carrier Heating SystemThe US Environmental Protection Agency recommends annual pre-season inspection of your heating and cooling systems by a professional contractor.  Unfortunately, if the contractor is inexperienced or fails to complete proper service, maintenance is not a guarantee of safe and efficient operation.  To properly protect your furnace or heat pump from repeated malfunctions, shortened service life, and diminished efficiency, trust your yearly service to the dedicated professionals from AC Service Today.  Our NATE-certified technicians will restore equipment to optimum condition, making sure the system as a whole functions at its best.

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Proper heating involves more than the heater itself.  The efficiency of your HVAC system and the comfort it provides is a direct result of the quality, cleanliness, and condition of our ductwork.  Dust, dirt, and debris built up in the ductwork causes resistance against airflow from the air handler.  When the furnace is forced to work harder, components wear more quickly, and efficiency can be reduced by as much as 30%.  While many companies are unable to service ductwork, the team from AC Service Today has the sophisticated tools, knowledge, and necessary experience to properly manage every component of your heating system.

When it comes to your heating equipment, dirt is a big problem.  As dust and grime accumulate on components such as the motor, air handler, or heat exchanger, friction is caused, increasing energy consumption and wear and tear.  Dusty motor bearings and pistons will eventually lead to motor burn out.  Frequent cycling, due to clogged filters or blowers, causes the heat exchanger to repeatedly heat up and cool down, possibly resulting in hairline cracks in the heat exchanger.  With concerns over combustion byproducts, such as carbon monoxide, it is extremely important to keep up with regular maintenance.  Through combustion appliance safety checks, AC Service Today verifies proper operation and provides complete peace of mind.

If family members suffer from asthma, allergies, or dust sensitivities, your heating system may be contributing to their suffering.  Eighty percent of all allergies and respiratory problems are the result of small airborne particles in the environment.  To ensure proper filtration and healthy indoor air quality, it is necessary to maintain the heating unit and its venting mechanism.

Optimizing your HVAC equipment is the key to overall performance in terms of health, safety, comfort, and energy efficiency.

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Committed to the utmost in integrity and professional service, AC Service Today offers protective maintenance agreements.  By investing in the future of your heating system, you’ll save on discounted parts for repairs, enjoy priority service, and no after hours charges for emergency assistance.  If you encounter any repair problems while covered by our maintenance plan, the cost will be deducted from a new unit purchase at the end of the agreement.  We’ll also fulfill manufacturer’s warranty stipulations to ensure continued coverage.  Family owned and operated, AC Service Today provides service you can trust.

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Don’t forget to hire a technician at AC Service Today to have your heat pump serviced. Whether you need maintenance, repairs or new heat pump installation, our technicians are the best in the business. We will help to keep your family happy, healthy and comfortable.

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