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Light commercial air conditioning and heating systems are designed to provide a comfortable environment for employees and customers. Developers and facilities administrators face significant challenges as they manage HVAC resources to maximize efficiency without sacrificing performance. Heating and cooling expenses often account for over one-third of the total power consumption in a typical commercial building, so it is critical that the servicing contractor is experienced in all phases of HVAC installation, repair and maintenance.

The Importance of Energy Efficiency

Not all commercial air conditioning units are energy efficient. Whether yours is or isn’t will be reflected in the monthly energy bills. If your business is being newly constructed or you are replacing old commercial air conditioning and heating units, you have the benefit of being able to choose from greener systems that can help to cut business costs and save you money. At A&R Heating and Air, we can help you choose from top-of-the-line units from Carrier and other top manufacturers so that you can find a commercial system that meets your air conditioning goals but doesn’t break the bank.

Commercial HVAC Installation

For any heating and air conditioning unit, even a brand new one, to work effectively and at optimal efficiency it must be sized and installed properly. For both new construction and retrofit applications, our technicians use ACCA Manual J load calculations to help you select the right equipment for you building’s size and demand. Determining the proper load for the building and each of its zones is critical for establishing capacity requirements and maintaining comfortable temperature and humidity levels, regardless of the weather outdoors.

Once we help you choose the right unit, our NATE-certified technicians install it based on the manufacturer’s specifications. Our factory-trained installation technicians are experience in all makes and models of HVAC equipment and stay up-to-date on HVAC technology through continuous education. By following right-sizing your unit and professional installation with regular HVAC maintenance, you will be on the way to a more efficient workplace with less monthly overhead.

Commercial Services

For most companies, a dependable HVAC system is a critical component in day-to-day business operations. Industries that rely on consistent environmental controls like retail, data centers, healthcare and food services are particularly vulnerable to heating and air conditioning breakdowns. At A&R Heating and Air, we recognize that every commercial repair is time sensitive.

When a unit isn’t working properly, the business can lose customers, and workers may not be as productive. That’s why it is our goal to answer every service inquiry promptly. We are available to our customers via phone 24 hours a day so that you can talk to a professional not matter when an HVAC emergency occurs.

A&R Heating and Air is proud to serve commercial and residential customers in Ocala, Florida, and the surrounding area. We provide a wide array commercial heating and cooling services that will improve indoor comfort, lower energy costs and maximize the life of your equipment.

Commercial HVAC Equipment

  • Package Units

    For light commercial applications, we recommend Carrier’s commercial packaged heating and cooling products. Carrier offers models in virtually every configuration including straight AC, heat pump and gas/furnace combination units. These units have high efficiency ratings – SEER ratings range from 13-15.5 and AFUE ratings are as high as 80.1 – and other customizable options.

  • Commercial Split-Systems

    Commercial split systems are usually installed in office applications where noise reduction is a priority. Separate condensing and air handler units operate quietly and efficiently while enhancing overall comfort. These units have efficiency ratings up to 11.2 EER.

  • Ductless Commercial Systems

    Our technicians are also well-versed in the use and benefit of ductless systems. We can help you decide if going ductless is right for your business. Benefits of ductless AC include zoning options, improved indoor air quality and high energy efficiency.

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